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Maximize Your Space: Top End Tables for Small Areas (2023 Edition)

One must have an end table in their living room for many reasons, aside from having an extra storage space for small clutters and necessities that you want to keep close. They serve many purpose while also sprucing up our living quarters and providing a focal point for conversation. If you want to find out the difference between an end table, a side table, and a nightstand do not worry because you can find everything you need to know about these different stylish tables and more at Archic Furniture. The living room sofa and family bedroom can now finally be improved with the addition of Archic Furniture's end tables. Although practicality and storage should be a top priority when selecting an end table, features, aesthetics, minimalist design, and expression of your personal taste should also be taken into account.

The 5 Best End Tables For Small Spaces: Gorgeous Furniture

The unsung heroes of the living room are often an afterthought, as are the unsung heroes of the entryway, home office, and bedroom. The addition of an accent table is a great and simple update that is also very useful. Even though picking an end table seems like a simple task, there are actually a wide variety of designs and detail to choose from. Factors to think about when shopping for an end table include construction material, desired size, desired form factor, and additional features. Here, we've compiled some of the best choices from Archic Furniture for identifying and selecting the ideal end tables for your living room or narrow quarters.

1. Nepal Black Marble End Table 

The best word to use to describe this Nebal Black Metal Marble End Table is stunning. Its ultramodern and cutting-edge design of it makes it an ideal choice for spacious family rooms and dining rooms. Plenty of storage for the magazine and newspaper storage space tray top below that adds a unique touch that will turn the entire table into a topic of conversation when people see it. The appearance and decor of your living room will be immediately improved by the addition of this side table.



2. Benzara End Table, Aluminum BM154569

Incredible design with curvy lines characterizes the Benzara End Table, which is crafted from industrial grade aluminum and leather for a timeless look and feel in your living room. Our Brancaster sofa side table set stands out thanks to its retro design, top-grain brown leather upholstery, and aluminum paneling that covers most of the sofa. Choosing something up-to-date and cozy is a great idea. You can rest assured that your living room won't get boring.



3. Benzara 1 Drawer Vintage Style End Table With Cabriole Legs

This solid oak made Benzara 1 Drawer Vintage Style End Table will enhance the look of your living room when placed in a corner or next to the sofa assembly wouldn't be difficult as well. There is one drawer and one open shelf at the bottom for storage and display purposes, respectively, and the piece has a charmingly whimsical look. Sitting pretty atop cabriole legs, the carved scalloped details only enhance the piece's contemporary overall beauty.



4. Park Hill Collection Premium Outdoor Serving Side End Table

Have you ever desired a home that is both beautiful and functional? To that end, you should replace your old furniture with new, more modern pieces, like our Park Hill Collection Premium Outdoor Serving Side End Table. Designed to complement your existing decor in the bedroom or living room! Besides being a beautiful addition to your home, its functional filigree design will make it your go-to serving table. It's also handy as a serving table for the patio. Put everything you need within easy reach with this metal frame end table. We have everything you could possibly want on an end table. You can put our end table anywhere in the house, indoors or out.



5. Benzara 21 Inch Chevron Pattern Resin End Table

The moment you put this stylish Benzara 21 Inch Chevron Pattern Resin End Table in your living room, the look of the whole room will be immediately improved. It is round, made of resin, and features a chevron pattern in white and gray colors, which both complement each other and add visual interest. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall Should An End Table Be?

As a general rule of thumb, the surface area of the armrest should be equivalent to, or slightly smaller than, the height of the sofa arms. If you want to be absolutely certain, you can measure it with a ruler, but the typical depth of a sofa is about 25 inches. The width of an end table is typically between 22 and 30 inches.

Should End Tables Always Match Each Other?

While it's often frowned upon, combining different design eras can actually make a space more interesting. You can't go wrong with a pair of contemporary end tables and a classic Lawson or Birch-arm sofa. Why not pair a classic side chair with a modern or mid-century end table? Always keep in mind that you don't have to have coordinating end tables. Different end tables on either side of a sofa or bed are acceptable so long as they are of a similar size and style.

Are Side Tables and End Tables The Same?

The primary difference between a side table and an end table is that the latter typically has a larger surface area. End tables are typically smaller. Smaller tables that are typically positioned next to chairs or at the ends of sofas are referred to as "end tables" or "side tables." Both of these terms refer to the same thing.


Now that you are aware of the characteristics that should be present in an end table, it is time to start looking for unique end tables on the market. Just keep in mind to give some consideration to the purpose that an item will serve for you and how it will fit in with your unique sense of style. The best recommendation we can give you is to go to Archic Furniture. They makes a great style for end tables from wooden, solid wood, and tabletop designs that would boast your living space all the while you enjoy free shipping. Archic Furniture displays your favorite end tables for everyone to see and be surprised by the ample space it provides.

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