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Commercial Customer Pricing and Service

Why choose Archic Furniture?

  • Heavily discounted bulk orders and price matching against our competition.
  • 24/7 customer success team and individual representative for your company, ensures you have what you need in the proper fashion for your venture to thrive.
  • Large selection of furniture commercially rated to choose from and rely on for your operation without worry.
  • 100% free shipping, warranties, and sales tax exempt.
  • W-9 Form on hand ready for you if you require Purchase orders, and invoices.

Please Call ‪(916) 262-7257 Today or Fill Out the Form Below and We'll Get You Started On Your Order.

Please provide the following in your email or contact form.

  • Business License with your trade/DBA name - OR
  • Resale Certificate with your trade/DBA name - OR
  • Interior Designer certification and proof of professional affiliation