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The Archic Furniture Mission Statement

At Archic, your relationship with us starts the first moment that we interact with each other. We are here to better your life; we do not simply sell high-quality, best-in-class furniture for your home, but we are an educational-based, well-being company, with an unrelenting mission to improve your physical and mental health.

At Archic, every move we make is guided by our core company values:

A commitment to unequivocal excellence in all that we do: whether it be our response times, punctuality, professionalism, website design; At Archic, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. 

Entrepreneurialism: We encourage all leaders to take ownership of their decisions and to forge their own paths. We do not train and grow employees here, we train and grow leaders. 

Boldness: We encourage our leaders to learn and try new things that they have never experienced before. After learning, the leaders are encouraged to implement what they have learned within the business. We encourage our team to relentlessly believe in themselves.

Fast and Methodical Execution of Goals: We solve issues promptly, swiftly, and methodically. When issues inevitably arise, we will be there to solve them.  

Kaizen - or constant improvement: We encourage our leaders to never settle, and to constantly be aiming to become a better version of themselves in all aspects of life. 

Responsibility #1: Our Customers

Our first responsibility is to our customers. As it is you who use our products, it is also you to whom we are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience from our first interaction through product fulfillment. To accomplish this goal, all of our products are of the highest quality, with a clear focus on offering you the best there is within each of our categories.

As a well-being company with a focus on health, we provide relevant, health-related educational materials through our global online presence, social media, weekly blogs, and emails. We do this with a dedicated aim to improve your ability to make conscious, health-related decisions, in order to ensure that you maximize the benefits of your products. 

Responsibility #2: Our Employees

Our next responsibility is to our employees. We respect your individual choices and preferences, reward you for your dedication and effort, and provide you with opportunities to better yourself and your skills on a daily basis. Professional development is what we live by. We aim for fair and above-normal compensation, and we pride ourselves to reward the success of the team as opposed to putting pressure only on individual performance and results.

We invite all employees to openly share suggestions, so we can improve as a brand, as part of our ideal meritocratic culture. We provide excellent paid time off as well as insurance policies, and we aim to always treat you as the first-class individual that you are. 

Responsibility #3: Our Brand Partners

Our next responsibility is to our brand partners. We always strive to promote your products and services wherever possible and are aligned with our values. We pride ourselves in being prompt, organized, and efficient with our order submission processes, and work expediently and efficiently to resolve any order-related issues that arise immediately. We are quick to respond, professional, and kind in all supplier-related interactions.

Responsibility #4: The Global Community

Lastly, our responsibility is to the global community at large. Everyone who works at Archic has a duty and obligation to aim to meet their highest potential as human beings and to become the best version of themselves. By doing this, we will spread a positive influence to everybody who comes into contact with us. Archic members are professional, respectful, hard-working, and excellent at what they do. The goal is that every person who comes in contact with Archic feels that their day is better from the interaction.

We look forward to serving you.

Archic’s Core Values

Meritocracy: Everyone in our organization has a voice. If you think there is a better way to do something, we want to hear it. But, you better have a good reason and be willing to back up your stance with clearly articulated reasons. Everything we do - promotions, raises, growth opportunities, etc. are all based upon merit and who deserves it. 

Relentless Commitment to Unequivocal Excellence: In all that we do, we strive to operate at the highest level and to provide our customers with a top-level experience. In our responsiveness, available hours, and creative solutions to problems, we do all that we can to put your issues and needs at the forefront. When problems inevitably arise, we are creative, methodical, and fast in executing solutions. This considered we expect our customers to be understanding of whatever situation has arisen, and to treat our employees with respect no matter what. If you are not willing to commit to that, please find another company to do business with. 

  • How do we do this? Exceptionally fast response times, and an extremely knowledgeable team of product experts. 7 Days a week availability

Entrepreneurialism: Our employees are not micro-managed and have the freedom to work and forge their own paths. We encourage all members of our team to be confident, and bold, and to make the decision that they feel is best. This helps us to attract the best talent to our company.

Boldness and Commitment to Being the Best: We encourage our team members to take calculated bets on themselves whenever possible - whether that be expanding into a new product line or cold calling a new client, we encourage bold decision-making and striving for your absolute highest potential. 

Constant Improvement: 10-20% of every day is spent on learning or improving a skill set - whether that be through books, courses, or any other avenue of learning. 

Still unsure about us? See what some of our recent customers have to say. 

At its core, Archic is a customer service company. We promise an exceptional online shopping experience from start to finish. We promise faster response times and support than anyone on the internet. Don't believe us? Message the chat feature in the bottom right or give us a call.

Recent Reviews from Real Customers

Thank you for your assistance with my purchase. Your service was great. I would highly recommend you to my friends.

Sharon S.

Archic Furniture was probably the easiest online company I have ever dealt with. everything was clear and clean. The shipping was a seamless process.

Dennis R.

Fast shipping, items arrived in perfect condition. Archic also did not charge taxes like other sites. This was a big savings on my budget.

Warren L.

They were quick to respond, great product, great service and communication.

Jennifer G.

Great working with both Archic and Trevor. Communication was great shipping fast and unit was everythign expected plus.

Brian H.

I was totally impressed with Archic Furniture, and would highly recommend them over other on-line shopping alternatives. Their customer service was phenominal

Paul H.

I had a specific order date to meet the shipping/receiving requirement for our new home that was being built. The customer service was amazing in helping me schedule the delivery into my schedule.

Lawana P.

What We Offer

Archic focuses on home furniture and decor products - whether that be sectionals, cabinet beds, or bathroom vanities. Our founders are passionate about furniture and want to bring the best of comfort from top brands  to your own home. Some things that we offer to ease your online shopping journey include assembly of any products, financing options up to $10,000, and a knowledgeable team of experts available for assistance, amongst many other things. 

Brands We Offer

We are a North American online distributor for many of the best brands on the planet, including Night and Day Furniture, NovaSolo, Park Hill Collection, Union Home Furniture, and many others. We are an official authorized dealer of all of the products that we carry, which means that every product we sell is backed up by an excellent manufacturer warranty. 

The reason top brands choose to work with us is our ability to provide our customers with an exceptional online shopping experience, our exceptional response times, and more. We believe that as the world becomes more digital, purchases that were traditionally done in warehouses and showrooms, will be increasingly completed online - and we are well equipped to play a huge part in this revolution. 

Who We Serve

Any individual who is passionate about boosting their health from the comfort of their home. If you meet these criteria, we believe that we have many products that can aid in your journey. Archic Furniture's goal is to be your go-to store for building a health haven in your own home! 

Our Distribution Facilities

We have an incredible logistics channel with over 25 warehouses across the United States which all orders ship. Any order placed within the U.S. will be shipped from our U.S. Warehouses. We guarantee the lowest prices online on all of our products, and if you find them lower, we will price match.

Business Information

  • Phone: 1-(916)-262-7257
  • Email: 

Location: Our products ship from various warehouses around the USA. We have office addresses in Torrance, California, and Detroit, Michigan.