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The 7 BEST Benches For Entryways of 2023

One of the most undervalued features of a house is its front door. In addition to studying, many students utilize this area as a temporary storage space for their personal items. Consider adding a bench if you want this space to look more complete and welcoming. Because it's the first thing visitors and you see every day and every night, your front door is an important design element. Including a gorgeous entryway bench that has a mid-century modern design and adds style to your home.

The best entryway bench can help as a handy place to set down your keys, sunglasses, and other small items when guests arrive. As an added bonus, it may supply the necessary seating and storage to make any entrance look tidy, functional, and welcoming. You can unwind and take off your shoes now.

Chic Style To Your Entryway Bench For Every Room: Make Your Entryway Gorgeous

It doesn't matter if your preferred aesthetic is more farmhouse, modern, or conventional, there is a storage bench that will serve both your aesthetic and your day-to-day demands in an excellent way and it's available right now. In order to spare you the time it would take to seek for each of these benches separately, we have compiled a list of the seven most attractive storage benches for 2023 for your foyer and listed them below. We hope that this will help you find the perfect bench for your home.

1. NovaSolo Halifax Best Entryway Corner Storage Bench

This Entryway Corner Storage Bench is the ideal solution for reducing the amount of clutter in your entrance. A shelf that provides a distinctive location for display is situated just above the protruding crown molding of the unit. The hooks made of antique brass provide ample space for hanging a variety of coats and jackets. Above the ground, there is a couch as well as two enormous rattan baskets tucked away. At the end of a long day, there is a seat cushion that may be used to make things feel even more comfortable. The fact that the cover of this blanket may be taken off and washed separately contributes to its durability and usability. A wonderful and earthy alternative to conventional drawers can be found in the form of handwoven rattan baskets.



2. NovaSolo Halifax Upholster Entryway Storage Bench With Drawers

This Upholster Entryway Storage Bench With Drawers is perfect for clearing up the clutter in your foyer. Above the unit's flared crown molding is a shelf that serves as a unique spot for display. An upholstered storage bench has numerous coats and jackets that can fit comfortably on the antique brass hooks. Above the two spacious drawers is an extra storage compartment with a built-in seating area. At the end of a long day, you can relax with the help of the supplied seat cushion. Built to last with a cover that zips off for washing convenience, this blanket is a dream.



3. Park Hill Collections Coastal Cottage Ottoman Bench with Storage

This Coastal Cottage Ottoman Bench with Storage has upholstery and a finish that is both a shade that has a look that may be described as having a light blue-gray appearance to it. As a consequence of this, the bench might be utilized to coordinate with a great variety of various kinds of interior design schemes. It is possible to fold the seat up so that it may be put away in a more convenient manner, and pillows are also included with the purchase of the seat. Both the finish, which is a shade of light gray, and the upholstery are a color that may be described as falling between light gray and light blue.



4. NovaSolo Halifax Wood Storage Chest: Best Living Room Bank 

If you're looking for a traditional storage cabinet, go no further than this Wood Storage Chest, which features tongue and groove panels. Load it up with pillows, duvets, and sheets, and if it's a guest room, stock the closet next to the bed with soft, absorbent towels. It might also do duty as a toy chest in a child's room. Adaptability doesn't come much higher than that. As a fashionable option, try draping a sheepskin rug or a few throw pillows over the top. This stylish bench has a trunk that can be converted into a convenient place with plenty of storage space to put on your shoes.



5. NovaSolo Halifax Entryway Bench & Drawer Basket Set

This low-profile Entryway Bench & Drawer Basket Set gives appealing storage possibilities by cleverly integrating hand-woven Kubu rattan baskets with shelving. The shelf's construction also included the usage of rattan. In addition to that, additional seating can be made accessible in the event that there is an immediate requirement for it if there is already a demand for it. This one-of-a-kind sculpture was created by hand using a wide variety of components. Some of these components include flared crown molding, rustic baskets, and a painted finish. This accent bench is open storage which allows the owner to spot the things stored easily.



6. Park Hill Collections Manor Industrial Storage Bench

Because of its classic appearance, this Manor Industrial Storage Bench is an excellent option for positioning at the foot of the bed, in a doorway, or in a foyer. The cushioned top is constructed of vegan leather, which is not only sturdy and fashionable but also kind to the natural world. Both the fabric and the solid wood frame have a warm grey tone, which works wonderfully with virtually any color scheme that you choose for the room. It is tufted in faded vegan leather, features nailheads made of old brass, and its color and wood finish are both grey wash.



7. Benjara Medallion Pattern Wood Entryway Bench: Shoe Bench

This Pattern Wood Entryway Bench has the look of an antique, its construction is made of sturdy wood, and it includes a mechanism for storage so that it can bring a more traditional sense into your home. In addition to that, it has the aura of something that has been around for a very long time. It is portable thanks to the twisted legs that support it and the bar grips that it incorporates so that it can be carried around with relative ease. This item has an ancient appearance because of the faded white surface and the hand-carved medallion pattern, all of which contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Long Seat With Shoe Storage Is Called?

A bench is an extended and slender chair that may accommodate multiple persons at the same time. Wood is the material that is used to build benches the vast majority of the time; however, metal, stone, and other man-made materials can also be utilized. Seats without back support can be occupied at any angle the user chooses. These chairs are versatile and can be utilized for a wide range of applications. A good number of the chairs on these benches come equipped with backs. Some of the benches include drawers or shelves below them, offering additional space that can be used for storing a variety of items that may need to be hidden from public view.

What Does Cubbies Mean?

The term "cubby" can be used to refer to either a small closet or an area that is used for storage. You can utilize the additional storage space that is offered on the bottom of the bench by storing goods such as blankets or pairs of shoes. This area is available for your convenience.

What Does Tufted Mean?

When making tufted furniture, buttons or stitches are stitched through a cushion or mattress, and the pattern that is created is most frequently in the shape of a diamond. This creates the impression that the upholstered bench on the chair has tufts. This method is not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional because it is designed to retain the stuffing in its appropriate location and prevent it from moving around or bunching up. Not only is this method visually pleasing but it is also practical.


When it comes to the interior design of a foyer, a bench is one piece of furniture that never fails to wow the guests who arrive at the space. It is possible for it to serve as a perch for putting on one's shoes while waiting for a ride or guests, a location to set down presents or attractive things, or a hiding area for one's shoes, or it may be able to fulfill all of these duties simultaneously.

In addition to everything else, the inconspicuous bench is able to maintain a low profile throughout the whole operation. If you are in the process of constructing a formal foyer, a multipurpose mudroom, or even a little hallway, this collection of ideas for entrance benches will be of great assistance to you. You only need to choose the style that would look best in the area that you have available to you. Hope you can find the best storage benches for you on our list above.


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