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The Top 9 Bookcase For Board Games: The Best Ways To Organize Your Home

All people, regardless of age, benefit from playing board games and that's because it activates brain regions that control learning, memory, and higher-order thought. Even better, your children will benefit from the quality time you spend together playing board games on a lovely Friday night or during the long holiday weekend.

Decision-making, higher-level strategic thinking, and problem-solving are all vital cognitive skills that can be honed through playing board games. Especially young children can benefit from playing even the most basic games by learning to recognize colors, count spaces, and move cards and pieces with dexterity and precision. And the skills kids learn about patience and discipline may be applied well beyond the limits of the family game room.

Best Storage Solutions: Top 9 Board Game Storage Bookshelf

If you do not have adequate storage for board games, putting away the family's favorite game at the end of the game night may not be very enjoyable. There are many attractive board game storage solutions that will prevent post-game meltdowns, plus, they're really effective in keeping your beloved board game collection in good condition. Whether you're a fan who wants to display your boxes or trying to keep toys, games, and other clutter at bay, these board game storage ideas will make you feel organized. Labeling might be helpful when storing board games. Today, we've gathered the best board game shelves/bookcases that will provide color and clarity to your living room, office, or any public storage space.

1. NovaSolo Halifax Bookcase Board Game Storage in White CA580

Do you enjoy a neat and tidy environment? The four shelves on this NovaSolo Halifax provide plenty of room for displaying and keeping your prized board game collections or holiday decorations. With a standard form factor that works well in a variety of settings. You can proudly display your most valued books and other possessions on these shelves. The semi-gloss white paint does a great job of drawing attention to the intricate molding. The three drawers in the base unit, whose handles are made of antique brass, offer more room for storing linens and other personal items.



2. NovaSolo Toscana Standard Bookcase Mahogany Brown CA612TBR

Did you know that wooden pieces are timeless and long-lasting? NovaSolo Toscana has created a wonderful bookcase worthy of displaying your most prized board games; it is well worth the price. The vintage cornice at the very top, the mirrored molding at the very bottom of the shelving section, and the paneling on the doors and sides of the cabinets all contribute to the illusion that this stylish piece of furniture with four tiers of wood shelves is an actual antique. What makes this stand out is the luxurious varnish that allows the natural mahogany tones to shine through. A great piece of advice for home decor is to make use of the brass hardware of your bookshelf by sprinkling brass picture frames and planters over the various levels. Better more, this classic piece of furniture serves dual purposes as both a storage solution and a partition, making it ideal for apartments and other tiny dwellings.



3. NovaSolo Halifax Mindi Board Game Shelves in Black Wash CA580BW

This NovaSolo shelving unit's Mindi design provides you with a large amount of space to display your collection of board games as well as other valuables. The attention-grabbing black wash glaze finish, which was hand-applied, highlights the precise molding that was used. The three drawers in the base unit, which have knobs made of antique brass, offer additional space, which can be utilized for storing items such as linens or personal belongings. A classic look that is versatile and simple to pair with any other pieces of furniture you may already have in your home. Comes with spacious shelves to store board games and comfortably fit ornaments of different styles.



4. NovaSolo Halifax Bookcase with 1 Drawer White CA604

If you like the look of an organized home, the bright color and smooth surface of NovaSolo's Halifax Bookcase give the impression that the room in which it is situated is much bigger than it really is. There are four large open shelves and one drawer for stowing away smaller items. appreciating the materials' inherent properties; suitable for minimalist and country decor. Each piece of wood is completely one-of-a-kind due to its distinctive grain, color, and texture. Bringing forth the natural beauty of the finished product's components. Small spaces are left at joints on purpose during assembly and finishing to accommodate the natural shrinking and expansion of the wood.



5. NovaSolo Halifax Hutch Bookcase Unit White BCA599

This Halifax Hutch/Bookcase is so spacious and versatile, you can put it anywhere from your living area to your bedroom. Perfect storage for your collections, ornaments, and other belongings that defines your personality. You can even put your personal goods like bed linens can be stored in the base unit's drawers and spacious storage. Beadboard wainscotting, like that found on the upper shelf, adds visual interest and makes the displayed books and memorabilia more appealing.



6. NovaSolo Halifax Mindi Bookcase with 1 Drawer Black Wash CA604BW

The NovaSolo Halifax Mindi bookshelf is for you, especially if you're seeking something that will fit in most standard-sized rooms and can be a great board game organizer. The synthetic wood used in the construction of this Halifax Mindi bookshelf has a natural appearance. This storage piece is deep enough and has a happy medium between being too big and too small, making it easy to fit into a wide range of homes. It features four spacious shelves, so in addition to books, you can show off your favorite board games, and many more ornaments like vases and figurines. The overturned drawer is the perfect hiding spot for sensitive materials. In a pinch, you can put this piece of furniture to use as a bookcase in your home office or as a display case in the hallway.



7. NovaSolo Halifax Board Game Bookshelf White CA591

Looking to de-clutter your living quarters? Yet you'd like a bookcase to display your prized games and decorations? The NovaSolo Halifax is equipped with five sturdy shelves with enough space inside to fit games and other items, making it ideal for a living room or other gathering place. Features elaborate wooden molding over a column-shaped bookcase with fixed shelves. Exhibit more than only books, such as rare and valuable objects. In confined quarters, this is a great alternative. Constructed with Mahogany, Antique, and MDF (MDF). Finished in a bright and airy white semi-gloss paint with brass fittings for a vintage feel. The tall height of this shelf means there is no wasted space in the room, allowing you to also store bigger boxes and can even stack them on top of the bookshelf.



8. NovaSolo Provence Bookcase White CA607

A bookcase is a common fixture in many spaces, from bedrooms to living areas, adding instant personality and organization to your all-time favorite board games. Don't worry to cram as many games as possible into this NovaSolo Provence Bookcase made of the solid mahogany piece, instead, generously fill in the shelves to show off your collection. Rework your ensemble by color-coordinating your book collection. Use the normal color wheel or come up with your own palette, maybe with pastels.



9. NovaSolo Halifax Board Game Bookshelf with Drawer White CA601

If you want to store smaller games like cards and dice, then this NovaSolo Halifax comes in four open shelves and one drawer that offers ample storage space. A columnar bookcase with permanent shelves is topped with ornate wooden molding. In the little drawer located at the base, you may keep your most used and treasured possessions safe and secure. Put on display not only books but also other memorabilia. This compact bookcase is both attractive and functional. The style is finished with an old brass handle and a semi-gloss paint job.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are Modular Bookcase Great Shelving Unit For Board Games?

A modular bookcase is a great solution to keeping things like board games, game boxes, and many more. These bookcases are perfect as a storage area for larger games. The cube storage shelves create an interesting look that is perfect for modern homes.

What Are The Top 3 Best Board Game Of All Time?

The first is Chess, it's a two-player strategic board game played on a 64-square, 8x8 checkered board. Millions of people worldwide play this ancient and famous game. Second is the Monopoly, It was invented in 1933. The Monopoly is the dominance of a market by a single corporation or entity that the Parker Brothers sold it. The third board game on this list is Scrabble. It's a word game played by two to four players who score points by placing tiles, each with a single letter, onto a 1515 grid of cells. The goal of this game was to connect letters to form words, amass the most words, and outscore the other players. Many repeat players were encouraged to enhance their vocabulary and overall literary skills as a result of the game.

Does Coffee Tables With Extra Storage Also A Great Place To Store Board Games?

Using a coffee table with extra storage space like lower shelves and drawers is a great way to store your board games. Some are specifically designed to keep big and small clutters in one place. A coffee table has plenty of space to store various sizes of your collection and accessories like card games and some tabletop games.

Did you know board games help children's cognitive and linguistic development and teach valuable life lessons like teamwork, patience, and sportsmanship? However, fun is over when it's time to store your games. It doesn't have to be that way if you have the best board game storage solutions ready. If you're looking for a way to keep your board games safe, then these storage cabinets or shelves are your best choice.

Their multi-level storage shelves and drawers help you save floor space by accommodating many games. We hope that this list can help you find the perfect storage shelf for your beloved collections. If you want to see more Bookcases for your bedroom and Bookshelves for your office, head over to our website. Archic Furniture offers great deals and premium quality furniture that you will truly love!

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