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EcoSmart Linear 50 Fireplace

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Burner Type & Color: XL900 | Ethanol | Stainless Steel
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Discover the modern and versatile charm of the Linear 50 Ethanol Fire Pit Kit

A masterpiece that seamlessly combines style and function. Designed to bring elegance to homes and create intimate atmospheres within commercial spaces, this fire pit kit boasts a stylish design and the ability to produce an elongated, captivating flame from a single XL900 burner.

Experience the captivating allure of the Linear 50 Ethanol Fire Pit Kit, where the synergy of design finesse, superior performance, and eco-consciousness creates a stunning focal point that enhances any space it graces. Whether used to set the mood for intimate gatherings or to infuse commercial spaces with warmth and style, this fire pit kit is a statement piece that combines form and function in perfect harmony.

What's Included?

Fire Lighter
- This refillable butane lighter supports the safe ignition of the lighting rod. The length of the lighter further enhances the management of the lighting process.

Lighting Rod
- This operational accessory enables you to safely adjust the slider position of the Burner at any time. It is also used for ignition and extinguishing procedures.

Jerry Can 5L
- Safety features include automatic stop flow, fast flow rate, locking thumb button control, and a self-venting system.

Bottle Adaptor
- The adaptor connects the safety spout from the Jerry Can straight onto the e-NRG bottle making fuelling the fire quicker and easier.

XL Baffles
- XL Baffles are used to regulate and further stabilize the flame increasing the fuel efficiency of the burner.

Black Glass Charcoal
- The Black Glass Charcoal is made from high-quality tempered glass and has been designed to withstand harsh weather and temperatures of up to 1300ºF/700ºC.

L1080 Fire Screen
- Screens help to minimize the impact of wind on the flame and reduce fuel consumption.

XL900 Indoor Safety Tray
- Indoor Only


Sleek Lines
- A linear design and long flame makes it the epitome of style.

- Designed for year-round enjoyment, across the seasons, indoors and outside.

Easily Integrated
- Bring your firepit ideas to life with easy integration into non-combustible surfaces including stone countertops, concrete surfaces, brick, and tiled tops.

Focal Point
- Black glass charcoal creates a dramatic and stylish stage for a single long flamed indoor or outdoor fire pit that draws the eye.

- Patio Fire Pit Kits are all completely self-contained, which means they’re easier to install than gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

Built to last
- Made from a combination of long-lasting materials, including stainless steel, ensuring durability for indoor or outdoor installation.

Tested World Wide
- Our collection has been thoroughly tested against a number of global standards and is UL Listed in the USA, Certified for EU and UK in accordance with EN16647, and satisfies the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.


Linear 50 Fire Pit Kit Specifications


Weight 41.30kg [91.05lb]
Model Dimensions: mm [in]

L 1196mm [47.1in]

W 431mm [17in]

H 308mm [12.1in]




Materials Mild Steel & Toughened Glass
Model Colour Black  
Burner Colours

Stainless Steel  



Burner Efficiency Ethanol

Capacity: 9 L [2.4 Gal]
Heats on Average: 60m2 [646ft2]
Minimum Room: 110m3 [3885ft3]
Burn Time: 8-13h
Thermal Output: 16 MJ/h - 15000 BTU/h - 4.4 kW


Burner Efficiency (LP)

Burn Time: 7-20 Hours / Tank
Thermal Output: 65000 BTU/h
Operating Costs: $1.50 - $2.80 / Hour


Burner Efficiency (NG)

Burn Time: Unlimited Hours / Tank
Thermal Output: 65000 BTU/h
Operating Costs: $0.20 - $0.60 / Hour


Linear 50 Packaging

Shipping Weight 19kg [41.89lb]
Packaging Dimensions: mm [in]

L 1302mm [51.3in]

W 537mm [21.1in]

H 259mm [10.2in]

CBM 0.18m3
Type Carton

XL900 Packaging

Shipping Weight 15kg [33.07lb]
Packaging Dimensions: mm [in]

L 1301mm [51.2in]

W 306mm [12in]

H 291mm [11.5in]

CBM 0.12m3
Type Carton


G37T Packaging

Shipping Weight 15.65 lb [7.1kg]
Packaging Dimensions: in [mm]

L 38.2 in [970mm]

W 11.2in [285mm]

H 8.7in [220mm]

CBF 2.15ft3
Type Carton


Fire Screen Packaging

Shipping Weight 10.50kg [23.15lb]
Packaging Dimensions: mm [in]

L 1181mm [46.5in]

W 353mm [13.9in]

H 148mm [5.8in]

CBM 0.06m3
Type Carton

Product Manuals

Spec Sheet

C & I Manual (Ethanol)

C & I Manual (LP and NG)

Gas Burner

Burner Manual 

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