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The 6 Best Coffee Tables for L-Shaped Sectional Sofa for Living Room

A coffee might be an underrated piece of furniture, but it serves more purposes than we can imagine. Our daily habits are often left unnoticed, where we use our coffee tables to hold essentials like our drinks, remote control, books, and magazine, and sometimes we even use them to relax our feet! A living room without a coffee table can't be called complete without it. In this blog, we're here to walk you through the factors you should consider before choosing one, especially if you own L-shaped or U-shaped sectional couch.

So, whether you're looking for a coffee table that's simple and chic, or something more statement-making, we're here to help you. And, since we know that finding the perfect coffee table can be a bit of a challenge, we've included a few tips to help you choose the perfect coffee table for your

The Best Coffee Tables for Your L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

This is where you ought to start if you're furnishing your living room. The distance between your coffee table and any seats arranged around it should be between 14 and 18 inches, but no more than 24 inches. You should be able to determine the size of the coffee table you'll need if you've sketched out your floor plan. Consider placing two coffee tables side by side in living rooms that are pretty spacious. You could also go bigger if your living room isn't pass-through style. Varied coffee table designs are required for different layouts and locations, but here's something to consider. Square or rectangular shapes are ideal for more enclosed layouts, just like having an L-shaped sectional sofa in your space.

1. NovaSolo Halifax Rectangular Coffee Table White T756

The Nova Solo Halifax is a great choice if you want an aesthetically pleasing and functional coffee table for your living room setup. It's a low-profile coffee table with a split shelf underneath that provides a practical way to put extra books or trinkets within easy reach. Crafted from a plantation mahogany solid wood structure, a Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) with a long-lasting semi-gloss painted finish. Its light, the elegant color palette makes it effortless to partner with any sectional couch.

2. NovaSolo Nordic Wooden Coffee Table Open Shelf Natural Boat KK NO 20001

With this NovaSolo piece, you can incorporate Scandinavian decor into your home. The Nordic's style is known for its coziness and love of wooden materials. This rectangular table has the right size and shapes for a large sectional, L-shaped, and U-shaped sofa. What's even better, is that this stunning piece is more than display furniture, but is also a great storage space to keep your space tidy. This open-shelf wooden rectangular coffee table with a low profile provides a clever way to keep extra books or trinkets organized and within easy reach. This piece is handcrafted from solid reclaimed boat wood and has iron metal legs and a frame in a retro style. To emphasize its character, it is given a natural transparent finish.

3. Benzara Metal Framed Nesting Coffee Tables With Glass And Marble Tops, Set Of Two, Gold BM193836

If you're updated with the latest interior design and furnishing trends today, then this Benzara piece might come to your liking. It's an elegant and luxurious round coffee table with a special feature added. Even better, this glass coffee table is just the right space for the length of your sofa, as well as its shape and style. This versatile round table is also a nesting coffee table made to excel in beauty and functionality. This furniture set, which has one bigger table and one smaller table, is ideal for people who appreciate modern design. It gives you space to spread out food or place drinks when you have guests. This glass-top coffee table set includes one large table with a glass top and one little table with a faux marble top, both supported by square tube metal frames with a gold finish. For a bi-level look, place the smaller table in between the larger one, or arrange them individually to create a theme. Except for these coffee tables, other depicted goods in the image are available for purchase separately.



4. Nuevo Living Catrine Marble Coffee Table HGNA326

In our fourth entry, the Nuevo Living Catrine Marble Coffee Table is where simplicity meets elegance. The Catrine has strong, contemporary lines and pairs a cool, textured marble table top with steel legs to create a chic, urban look. Every marble piece is meticulously made from a different piece of natural stone. It has a height of 16.3 inches, while its length is 54 inches, and has a width of 36 inches. Where a rectangular coffee table would be a stunning centerpiece of your living room.



5. Nuevo Living Gaultier Oval Coffee Table HGDE130

Luxury and functionality what the Nuevo Living Gautier Oval Table is all about. This stylish table comes with a unique design. With an emphasis on form purity, the Gaultier oval coffee table conveys a sophisticated refinement. This table is made with grace and lightness because of its exquisitely constructed lightweight brushed gold stainless steel construction.



6. Nuevo Living Corbett Coffee Table HGNA534

The Living Corbett is proof that simplicity is alluring. A matching rectangular basin is supported by a delicate frame made of polished steel that is attached to a solid marble surface that has been inlaid. This clever geometric pattern is distinguished by contrast and utility. Every marble piece is skillfully made from a different piece of natural stone, resulting in lovely variances and gorgeous details. This sectional coffee table is the perfect furniture piece to transform your living space into a room full of vibrance. Imagine sitting on the sofa with a matching side table, and this exquisite piece of art in front of you---what more can you ask for?



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Right Shape Coffee Table for Sectional Sofa?

If you're ever wondering how to choose the right shape coffee table for your sectional, you have to follow certain steps, like gathering information about your living space and current furniture. For sectionals, especially U-shaped sectionals, round coffee tables are a fantastic alternative. Particularly when surrounded by furniture, their round shape makes room in constrained areas and makes movement easier. They are a great option for families with young children as well due to their lack of sharp corners.

What is The Standard Coffee Table Size?

Oval coffee tables' standard measurement is between 22" wide and 54" long, while round coffee tables range from 30" to 48". Meanwhile, most rectangular coffee tables are between 48 and 54 inches long, 24 to 30 inches wide, and 16 to 20 inches high. The essential step is to ensure to get the accurate size of your sofa, as well as check the material of the table you're scouting.

Are Glass Coffee Tables Better Than Metal Coffee Tables?

A glass coffee table is a truly perfect choice. A glass coffee table is sure to earn some style points in the living room, but they're anything but dull because they're unquestionably trendy without even trying, even though they have a minimal visual effect due to their translucent, peek-a-boo nature. On the other hand, metal is frequently used in industrial designs, although this style is not the only one. Metal tables are strong and can weigh less than conventional wood ones. Metal may be easily formed into any shape by manufacturers. They prize this material because it enables support structures and legs to be thinner. Customers appreciate that metal is cool to the touch and resistant to water and stains. In the end, it all depends on your preference and the care of your belongings.

Which is Better Square Coffee Table or a Round Coffee Table?

Whether you choose a round or square table, each of them has its advantages. If you have a particularly large living room, feel free to set two coffee tables next to each other. A square or rectangular-shaped coffee table would work well in a closed-off living area. A round coffee table works well in an open living space where lots of movement is anticipated. If you're going for a large coffee table size, then a round coffee table would be the best choice.


Sofas and coffee tables are always twins in your living space. It is crucial to take the necessary steps when it comes to choosing the right coffee table. The length of the sofa also plays a big role, as well as the shape of your sofa and the types of coffee tables you're interested in. Getting the right size means that you won't struggle to fit your furniture together or reach the table. So, if you're looking for the best coffee table for sectionals, then we hope that this list came in handy for you!

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