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10 BEST Dining Room Tables for Apartments In 2023

Most apartments are limited in space, so choosing suitable furniture should always be your first concern. List down the essential points you're looking for before adding one to your cart. Design, durability, and functionality are only the basic features we first look at. Below, we listed 10 tables on the market that you'll definitely fall in love with!

The 10 BEST Dining Tables for Apartments

Whether you're an interior designer or someone who does DIY home furnishings, we're excited to show you our top pick best dining room tables for apartments. Moreover, if you're here to find affordable choices or seek the fanciest pieces, we've got you covered!


1. Park Hill Collection Ripley Extending Pedestal Dining Table EFT20115

The Ripley Extending Pedestal Table is unlike any other. It's an extendable dining table, ideal for small spaces apartments. It transforms from a round dining table to oval shaped table by just placing the additional rectangular piece in its center. Its tabletop and base are made of pine solid wood that has a carved art pattern--- an overall feature of a farmhouse style.


2. Zentique Toby Dining Table LI-S10-25-59

This next piece is an eccentric rectangular table kept in a natural form made for spacious apartments. A wood table left with its stunning lines and has carved floral art on its legs. With this table's length of 98.5 inches and width of 39.5 inches, having a formal dining setup with up to ten seats is achievable.


3. Nuevo Samurai Dining Table HGNE120

 The Samurai dining table is a bold example of contemporary minimalism. Manufactured with three solid planes of American walnut are brought together to form a stunning design. Its size is made for apartments with large floor space. This has a standard table height of 29.5 inches, 80.5 inches in length, and a width of 39.3 inches. You can make room for more people at this table thanks to its ample tabletop space.

4. Park Hill Collection Rustic Farmhouse Style Kitchen Wood Dining Table EFC00991

The farm-style table is the perfect addition to your kitchen and apartment living. It’s a great way to host meals for yourself, friends and family. Since it only has a dimension of 70.75"L x 32.5"W x 30.5", they can be used as breakfast nook perfect for small spaces. It may be smaller than the rest of the tables on this list, you can still fit up to six people without taking up too much available space in your home.

5. Nuevo Oblo Dining Table HGNE279

The intriguing Oblo Dining Piece has a distinct characteristic that can draw anyone's attention to its unusual shape and charm. It fits best for apartments with contemporary interior design and comes with a ceramic top for luxurious eating space. It measures 92.8" in length, 46" in width, and has a 29.5" height that matches smoothly with most dining chairs.

6. Nuevo Montana Dining Table HGNE330

If your dining space lacks striking appeal, then the Montana Oval Table can be the next centerpiece of your dining room. The top table is made of ceramic material with matte white color and smooth clean lines. Underneath the table lies a modern design base finished with matte black color to compliment the top. This table measures 92.8" L x 46" W x 30" H, an ample size that can provide seating for eight people.


7. Nuevo STAR Dining Table HGEM707

The Star Dining Glass Top Round Table features a peculiar ash base pattern, making it a great conversation starter. And since it has a round shape of 59" in diameter, this table is perfect for a small space that can serve four people or more. Your small footprint home can now turn into a stunning and elegant place.



8. Nuevo Piper Dining Table HGSR720

Our eighth entry is this rectangular table with modified beveled edges to form a unique shape. Has a dark wood top and oak legs with an elegant brass finish. A mid-century modern style small dining piece that only has 39.5 inches of width and 78.8 inches in length. The finest kitchen tables for your limited-space apartments as well as a desk for your office or study nook.



9. Nuevo Couture Dining Table HGTB225

The Couture Table with centered striking line patterns accompanied by a clear tempered glass tabletop is a great addition to any home, and it will definitely make a statement in any room. Plus, the sturdy polished stainless steel base ensures that it will last for many years.



10. Nuevo Daniele Dining Table HGNE243

The last pick is the Daniele Table if you're looking for a simple table for hosting eight to ten people. With a length of 95.3" and a width of 38.8", there is certainly much space for the whole family to sit together. This stylish table features matte black steel legs that extend at a slight angle, drawing attention upwards to its industrial drop-bar. The top is substantial in size, making it the perfect addition to any contemporary dining room.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best table for small apartments?

A table in a small space can be in any shape. However, limited spaces mean something should be sacrificed if you want to be generous with dining. Square tables, foldable, extendable, and drop leaf tables can comfortably seat two to four people without compromising functionality and your little space.

Does a drop leaf table good for apartments?

A drop leaf dining piece table is perfect for small space or tight space apartments. It gives you an option to extend your table anytime you have guests coming over, allowing you to use your table however you want. These kinds of furniture double as a side table, the best overall choice if you really want to use your area wisely.

What is the best table that can fit in small spaces?

Tables with special features such as foldable, drop-leaf table, round, and square tables are your go-to table for your space. These are specially made for space-saving tables and are mostly the best budget options. Take note that when choosing a dining piece, getting the correct and accurate measurement of your space and target table size is your top priority. While some people use their console table as an alternative.

The market holds thousands, no---millions of choices when it comes to tables. Traditional ones are well-manufactured wood pieces, farmhouse dining, modern, and contemporary. Others have convenient features such as foldable leg tables and many more. In this list, we chose the top 10 exclusive tables for your apartment.

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