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The Top 6 Best Scandinavian Dining Table

One of a home's most vital spaces is the dining room, where families gather to dine and catch up on each other's days without the use of technology. The dining table has become one of the only places where individuals are compelled to disconnect from social media and engage with others in the "real world". Dining areas should be cozy, welcoming, and most importantly, comfortable—especially now as we use our tables and chairs more than ever and for a variety of purposes.

The 6 Best Scandinavian-Inspired Dining Tables

Today, there are countless of dining table styles that you can choose from. However, some of those styles are quite tricky to merge with your current interior deco. Scandinavian dining tables have a strong emphasis on natural materials, sophisticated understatement, and clean lines. A Scandinavian dining table is thin in profile and has a light, airy form. It has a modern aesthetic with minimal elements, but it's still practical and stylish. Below, we present you the best Scandinavian dining table for your beloved dining space.

1. Nuevo Living Piper Scandinavian Style Dining Table HGSR720

The Piper is a sleek, industrial and Scandi tabletop that evokes the rustic charm of its Scandinavian roots. Not only does this table have a warm wood finish and supports a rectangular nesting wooden table; it also features beveled edges, stunning matte finish and brass accents for fun details. This spacious dining table has a length of 78.8", 39.5" width, and has a standard height of 30", perfect to accommodate four to six people. Its scandi design complements any home's style, making it as functional as it is beautiful.



2. Nuevo Living Vega Scandinavian Design Dining Table HGSR352

The Vega is a snapshot of modern Scandinave, combining the organic form with a more defined aesthetic. This sleek furniture is designed to embody the spirit of rustic Scandinavian design, with their organic form and the flared legs that showcases the eccentric brass dovetail detailing. With its solid 94 inches oak top and enhanced features, the Vega can be used either as a dining table or study table.



3. Nuevo Living Daniele Scandinavian Dining Table HGNE255

The Nuevo Living Daniele Table is a sleek combination of contemporary and scandinavian elegance features a wooden table top with a black matte finish. The oak veneer wood natural lines and details are kept for a timeless appearance, while its lean steel-made matte black legs have an angled positioning for a more a interesting look. Even more appealing, this Nordic style furniture makes a great family dining table thanks to its length of 78.8" and 38.5" wide. Pairing a standard size chair will be effortless since it comes with the average table height of 30 inches.



4. Nuevo Living Cal Round Shape Dining Room Table HGEM855

You can never go wrong with a simple, clean-looking dining space setup. If you want a classic that can complements well with the Scandinavian deco, then the Nuevo Living Cal Round Dining Table is the one you need. This pedestal circular top table features a white marble top and white base for an elegant pristine beauty. Every marble piece is meticulously made from a different piece of natural stone, resulting in exquisite variances and unique feature. The wide tabletop of 48 inches for accommodating four to five people, thus, making it great dining table or a breakfast nook. Its charming lucidly allows you to pair it with highly detailed and accented color as your dining chairs.



5. Zentique Grass Oak Dining Table T003 E272

This Scandinavian Zentique Grass Oak Table is a more rustic version of the prominent Nordic Deco. Its minimalist elegance and natural features brings in the coziness and warm welcoming of the Scandi style. This Versatile Scandinavian table offers you a convenient extendable leaf if you need more table space to invite in more guests. This beautiful medium tone wood is handmade from an oak tree, as well as its frame and legs. Imagine what more it can offer you once it sits perfectly as your dining centerpiece, a piece of simplicity and functionality.



6. Sullivans Weathered Modern Wood Dining Kitchen Table

Brining in the comfortable feels of a heart-warming home should never be a challenge, with the Sullivan Weathered Dining Table you can emphasize your dining space with a breathtaking centerpiece. Enjoy a delicious meals at this gorgeous farmhouse table. With its whitewashed appeal and large dimensions of 71" x 35" x 30", this table is sure to bring the ideal finishing touch to your dining room. Its stunning natural beige wood top harmonizes flawlessly with its white angled legs. So, invite guests, fill in six seats, and create memories together.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wood a Great Material for a Dining Table?

Solid wood is a time-tested material since it is strong and simple to repair. Wood is a material that can be used in a variety of ways and is simple to deal with. As a result, it has a robust construction and a natural feels. Tables are typically made of softwood, composite wood, or hardwood. Maple, mahogany, walnut, oak, and among other hardwood alternatives, are suitable for dining tabletops. In the end of the day, your preference should always prevail when choosing for a table material.

What Is the Best Dining Table Measurement?

Most rectangular tables range in width from 36 to 40 inches. A table that seats four people should be around 48" long, and one that seats four to six people should be at least 60". Your table should be at least 78" long to accommodate six to eight people. If you have a limited floor space to work with, ensure that you accurately have the dimensions of your dining room and how much space you want your dining table to occupy.

What are the Best Dining Tables Shapes?

If you own a square space, then going for a round & square-shaped table is perfect. On the other hand, having a rectangular space makes it perfect for rectangular and oval dining table to be in. You also have to take into consideration how much seat you want to have. Unlike square tables that is fixed to certain count of seats, a round table gives you the freedom to move the dining chairs freely around the table. Meanwhile, a rectangular table allows you to occupy most of the available floorspace and invite more people for warm gatherings or dinner parties.


If an urban, sophisticated appeal is what you're looking for, then our choices for the best Scandinavian dining table are sure to help you find exactly what you're looking for. No matter how small or large your space may be, we're sure that one of these pieces will fit in beautifully. Choose one that works with your existing space and lifestyle, and enjoy the look and feel of pure Scandi-chic style.

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