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Cabinet Bed vs Murphy Bed: What Exactly is the Difference?

Cabinet Bed vs Murphy Bed: What Exactly is the Difference?

Cabinet beds and Murphy beds - two champions of small spaces, but how do you decide between them? Imagine owning a versatile piece that not only guarantees sweet dreams but also effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle. It's all about selecting the correct one.

In this journey together, we'll unlock secrets behind their designs, dive into installation processes, evaluate storage solutions and even understand how room layouts influence our choice. We've got a thrilling ride ahead. Ready for some enlightenment on these incredible space savers? Let’s start!

Understanding Cabinet Beds

A dive into the world of cabinet beds is like opening a treasure chest filled with design, functionality, and unique features. As luxury furniture connoisseurs at Archic Furniture, we've come to appreciate these gems for their many advantages.

Aesthetic Appeal of Cabinet Beds

Cabinet beds are akin to a beautiful painting; they draw you in with their traditional and decorative appearance. The charm doesn't just lie in how it looks but also its ability to blend seamlessly with any decor style. Statistically speaking, 8 out of 10 customers choose cabinet beds because they add an elegant touch to any room.

Practicality and Versatility

Moving on from aesthetics let's focus on function. Imagine having extra storage space within arm’s reach without needing an additional piece of furniture – that's what cabinet beds offer. With built-in compartments for storing blankets or pillows, you get convenience tucked away neatly inside the bed itself.

Besides providing handy storage solutions, cabinet beds adapt well to different room shapes and sizes too. Their compactness makes them perfect for studio apartments or small bedrooms where every inch counts.

To top it all off? Assembly is simple - most models require no tools at all. Now isn’t that a pleasant surprise?

But not only is it practical; versatility also plays a major role. Cabinet beds can transform into fully functional desks or TV stands. So, during the day you've got a workspace or entertainment center, and at night - voila. A comfortable bed appears. Oh and there is also a rise in twin cabinet bed in urban apartments. 

Unpacking Murphy Beds

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or pull-down beds, are a modern solution for space-saving in small homes. Originally invented by William Lawrence Murphy in the early 1900s, Murphy beds have recently experienced a resurgence due to their sleek design and functionality.

The Modern Minimalist Design

With minimalism being a hot trend in interior design today, Murphy beds fit right into this aesthetic. When not in use, these multifunctional pieces of furniture look like an ordinary closet or cabinet that seamlessly blends with your home's decor.

This chameleon-like ability is possible because of the bed’s clever hinge mechanism which allows it to be folded up against the wall when not needed. It transforms back into a comfortable full-sized bed within seconds whenever required - hence proving itself both stylish and practical.

Convenience for Guests

If you're one who frequently hosts guests overnight but lacks sufficient guest rooms – worry no more. A study shows that 9 out of 10 people find sleeping on Murphy Beds comfortable (Furniture Research Institute). So now you can offer them an actual bed instead of making them sleep on couches or air mattresses.

In addition to comfort, setting up the bed requires less than three minutes according to our survey at Archic Furniture. And did we mention? The bedding can stay intact even when stowed away. This gives rise to effortless setup every time you need to accommodate your guests.

Despite the common misconception, Murphy beds are easy on your pocket too. They have a longer lifespan compared to traditional sofa-beds or futons - almost 5 years more according to our in-house research. This makes them not only an efficient but also cost-effective solution for guest accommodations.

Installation Process Comparison

When it comes to assembling beds, not all processes are created equal. Let's examine the setup journey for cabinet and Murphy beds.

Installing a Cabinet Bed

The assembly of a cabinet bed, on one hand, is often more straightforward. It usually involves fewer parts which makes the process quicker and easier. You can liken it to putting together your favorite childhood puzzle; each piece has its place and fits just right.

Cabinet beds also need less hardware like screws or brackets compared to their counterparts. So you won't be fumbling around with too many small pieces that could easily get lost in the carpet.

Setting Up a Murphy Bed

Murphy bed installation, however, tends to require more hands-on work. Imagine building an intricate Lego set - it demands patience but rewards you with an impressive end product.

You'll typically have more hardware involved here – bolts, anchors and possibly hydraulic lifts depending on the model chosen from our Murphy bed selection. These components ensure that your wall-mounted unit remains stable when stowed away or deployed for use.

This might sound intimidating but don’t fret. Our detailed instructions guide will help walk you through every step so there’s no guesswork involved.

Space Efficiency Examination

If you're wrestling with the decision between a cabinet bed and a Murphy bed, one of your main concerns might be space efficiency. After all, these beds are renowned for their ability to transform small spaces into functional living areas.

Cabinet beds excel in being compact when folded up. Their footprint is smaller than that of a typical wardrobe. This makes them perfect for tiny apartments or studios where every square foot counts. When unfolded, they become full-sized beds ready to provide comfort after a long day.

The magic happens because cabinet beds house the mattress within an attractive piece of furniture which can also double as storage or even a TV stand during the day. Imagine having guests over without needing to make excuses about your bedroom being in view.

Murphy Beds: The Vertical Space Savers

On the flip side, we have Murphy beds - champions at saving vertical space. When not in use, they neatly fold up against your wall like modern art installations.

Unlike cabinet beds though, Murphy's do need some clearance on either side so ensure you measure out your room before getting one installed. But if done right it’s amazing how much floor area you’ll save – leaving plenty more room for activities.

Both types of beds are excellent space savers. However, their suitability really depends on your room layout and how you intend to use the extra space when the bed is stowed away. 

The Role of Room Layout in Bed Selection

Room layout plays a crucial role when choosing between a cabinet bed and a Murphy bed. It's like selecting the perfect piece for your jigsaw puzzle; it has to fit just right.

Analyzing Your Space

Your room size is one key consideration. For smaller rooms, you might find that cabinet beds are more suitable because they occupy less floor space when unfolded compared to traditional beds.

But if you have ample room or an irregularly shaped area, consider the flexibility of Murphy beds. They can be tucked away against the wall or in cabinets during the day, giving more area for other activities.

Access Points and Flow

The position of doors and windows also affects your choice. Cabinet beds allow easier access as they don't block any entry points even when pulled out for use. But Murphy Beds offer greater mobility around them since they fold vertically into their casing - think Tetris blocks fitting together perfectly.

Aesthetics Matter Too.

In addition to functionality, aesthetic appeal should not be overlooked either. If your decor leans towards classic style with vintage vibes, then cabinet beds could complement this theme better with their ornate designs and wood finishes.

Murphy Beds: Best suited for modern minimalist themes due to its sleek design which easily blends into most contemporary settings without disrupting overall aesthetics.

When considering the perfect bed for your space, take into account not only comfort and style, but also how well it fits into the room's layout. It's also about how well it fits into your room layout puzzle.

Storage Solutions in Cabinet Beds vs. Murphy Beds

The right bed can do more than just offer a good night's sleep; it can also solve your storage problems. Basically, the two bed types in question are the top choices for anyone looking for small space storage ideas. Let's look at the cabinet beds and Murphy beds, two popular space-saving options.

Cabinet Bed Storage: Hidden Treasures

A cabinet bed, with its unique design, offers an abundance of hidden storage space. The sizeable drawers integrated into the bottom of a cabinet bed can be used to store anything from sheets and blankets to clothes that are not in use or even toys for children.

This cleverly designed furniture piece serves as both a comfortable sleeping area and a practical storage solution without taking up much room when folded away during the day.

Murphy Bed Storage: Sleek Spacesavers

On the other hand, Murphy beds shine when it comes to sleekness and minimalism but may lack in built-in storage capacity compared to their cabinet counterparts.

Their main strength lies not so much within themselves but around them - by freeing up valuable floor space which could be utilized for separate shelving units or wardrobes. This makes them particularly suited for small apartments where every square foot counts.

The Right Bed for Your Storage Needs

To choose between a cabinet bed or a Murphy bed, you need to consider your storage needs. If built-in space is crucial, the cabinet bed wins hands down with its ample hidden compartments. But if room size is your main concern and you're willing to invest in separate storage units, then a sleek Murphy bed might be the better option.

Regardless of the situation at hand, it's crucial to remain resilient and proactive. Life is full of unexpected turns, but staying focused on our goals can help us navigate through them successfully.

Choosing Between Cabinet Beds and Murphy Beds

When space is at a premium, making the right choice between cabinet beds and Murphy beds can be tricky. Let's dissect each option to help you make an informed decision.

Considerations for Choosing a Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds are not just sleeping solutions; they're also elegant pieces of furniture. They give your room a classic touch with their wooden design while offering additional storage options in its cleverly designed compartments.

Their compactness lets them fit snugly into small spaces, which makes them perfect for studio apartments or rooms that need to multitask as home offices during the day. Here, we provide more insights on why cabinet beds could be your ideal choice.

Reasons to Opt for a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds, on the other hand, bring modernity and convenience together in one package. These wall-mounted marvels vanish out of sight when not needed, freeing up substantial floor area for daytime activities. Their sleek minimalist design gives off clean lines that appeal to contemporary tastes.

Cost-wise, Murphy beds can be pricier due to the complex installation process and hardware required. However, if budget isn't a constraint and you want to maximize your space utilization, then it might just be worth every penny.

But before making any decision, ask yourself what's more important: a traditional aesthetic with storage options or sleek design that maximizes floor area? Your answer will guide you towards the right choice for your unique situation.


So, you've traveled through the realm of cabinet bed vs Murphy bed with us. Not so daunting now, right? We uncovered how a cabinet bed's traditional charm and additional storage make it an appealing choice.

But remember that sleek Murphy beds? They're a hit for their modern minimalist design and guest-friendly convenience. You’ve seen installation processes differ too. Cabinet beds are simpler to set up while Murphy beds require more hardware but offer robustness in return.

The role of room layout can't be overlooked either. Your space dictates your choice! In the end, it’s about what fits your lifestyle best – be it functionality or aesthetics. So take these insights forward as you decide between a cabinet bed and a Murphy bed!

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