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Cabinets Surrounding Bed

In recent years, we've noticed a growing trend in home design that prioritizes functionality without sacrificing style – cabinets surrounding beds. This innovative solution provides ample storage while maintaining a sleek look that enhances any bedroom aesthetic. In our exploration of this concept, we've discovered various ways these built-in cabinets can be both practical and visually appealing.

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Incorporating cabinets around the bed allows us to utilize often overlooked spaces, maximizing storage potential in smaller rooms or those with limited closet space. From discreet shelving to spacious drawers, these designs make it easy to keep belongings organized and easily accessible. Additionally, by blending the bed and cabinets into a cohesive, unified design, we can create a visually stunning focal point in the bedroom, elevating its overall appearance.

As we delve further into this topic, we'll explore some of the best examples and ideas we've come across for integrating cabinets into bed surrounds, as well as tips for customizing the look to suit individual preferences and needs. This emerging design trend proves that we no longer have to choose between form and function when it comes to bedroom storage solutions.

Cabinets Surrounding Bed: Types and Styles

Built-In Cabinets

Built-in cabinets are ideal for optimizing bedroom space and providing a seamless, more organized look. They're custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of a room, allowing for personalized storage solutions. We can make them with various materials, finishes, and styles to suit your bedroom's decor. Some advantages of built-in cabinets include:

  • Space-saving: Since they conform to room dimensions, they make better use of available space.
  • Customizable: We can match your style preferences and storage needs.
  • Increased home value: Well-designed built-ins can add value to your property.

Freestanding Cabinets

Freestanding cabinets are versatile and can be moved around the room or even to a different room altogether. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, such as wardrobes, side cabinets, or corner cabinets, like the ones found on Guy About Home. Here are some benefits of freestanding cabinets:

  • Flexibility: Since they're not permanently attached, they can be rearranged or replaced easily.
  • Easier installation: They typically require less work to set up, compared to built-ins.
  • More affordable options: Freestanding cabinets can be less expensive and easier to replace if desired.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets are an excellent way to add storage around the bed without taking up floor space. They can be attached directly to the wall at various heights, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. Some wall-mounted cabinet advantages include:

  • Space-saving: By being mounted on the wall, they free up floor space for other furniture.
  • Customizable: Like built-ins, wall-mounted cabinets come in a variety of designs and finishes.
  • Easy to clean: With no base touching the ground, they're easier to clean underneath.

In conclusion, cabinets surrounding the bed can provide ample storage space and enhance bedroom design. Consider factors such as space, style, and functionality when choosing between built-in, freestanding, or wall-mounted cabinets to find the best fit for your room.

Benefits of Cabinets Surrounding Bed

Storage and Organization

One of the most significant advantages of having cabinets surrounding your bed is the increased storage space. These built-in storage solutions are excellent for small bedrooms, where space might be limited. By incorporating wardrobes and shelves around the bed, you maximize the available storage areas without encroaching on your sleeping space. In addition, cabinets with doors can help keep your bedroom organized by hiding clutter and providing a designated space for all your belongings.

Saving Space

In addition to their organizational benefits, built-in cabinets surrounding the bed also save precious floor space. By utilizing vertical space and installing cabinets along walls or around windows, you can create a functional storage system without taking up valuable square footage. This is particularly useful in tiny bedrooms, where space is already at a premium. Custom-designed cabinets can even be tailored to fit your room's size and layout to make the most of the available space. For example, built-in bed-surrounding storage accommodates a lot of items while taking up minimal floor area.

Aesthetics and Interior Design

Cabinets surrounding the bed not only serve a functional purpose but can also contribute to the room's overall aesthetic. When designed carefully, these built-in storage solutions can become a focal point and enhance the interior design of your bedroom. You can define your sleeping space with bold colors or contrasting materials to set your bed apart from the storage and add color and texture to your room.

Carefully chosen materials, finishes, and hardware can help integrate the cabinets seamlessly into your existing décor. And when paired with other design elements, such as lighting and artwork, built-in cabinets can create a cohesive and personalized space that reflects your style.

In summary, incorporating cabinets surrounding your bed can significantly improve your bedroom's storage, organization, and design. While they are particularly beneficial in smaller rooms, anyone can take advantage of these clever and attractive storage solutions to enhance the look and feel of their sleeping space.

Bedside Cabinets: Functionality and Design

Reading and Glasses Storage

One essential functionality of bedside cabinets is to provide space for reading materials and glasses. We understand the importance of keeping our favorite books, magazines, or e-readers within arm's reach, so we can indulge in a nighttime (or early morning) reading session. Incorporating designated spaces for reading materials, such as built-in magazine racks or dedicated shelves, can help organize the area while also adding a sleek design element.

For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, bedside cabinets serve as a convenient and safe storage spot. A small tray or nook on the surface of the cabinet can house our eyeglasses or contact lens cases. This thoughtful design feature ensures these items remain easily accessible while also preventing them from getting misplaced.

Drawers and Shelves

In addition to reading materials and glasses storage, bedside cabinets can be tailored to include a variety of drawers and shelves. Drawers are great for tucking away personal items such as chargers, medications, and miscellaneous bedside essentials. They help keep clutter at bay and create a more organized and appealing bedroom space.

Shelves, on the other hand, offer versatile options for both storage and display purposes. They can accommodate frequently used items like a glass of water, alarm clock, or mobile phone, as well as decorative elements like small plants or picture frames. Configuring the shelves' height and depth can further enhance the cabinet's functionality based on our unique needs.

With so many options available, it's important to consider the design and functionality of bedside cabinets. By incorporating adequate storage for reading materials, glasses, along with different combinations of drawers and shelves, we can improve the overall organization and aesthetics of our bedroom spaces.

Incorporating Cabinets into Bedroom Layout

Positioning and Size Considerations

When designing a bedroom layout with cabinets around the bed, it's essential to consider the positioning and size of the cabinets. Proper planning can ensure optimal usage of space and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Here are some tips to follow:

Compatibility with Beds

When incorporating cabinets around the bed, it's crucial to ensure compatibility with the bed itself. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Material and color: Choose cabinet materials and colors that complement the bed and other furniture in the room. For instance, you can define the sleeping space by using a bold color or a different material for the cabinets around the bed 5(
  • Accessibility: Ensure the cabinets are easily accessible from the bed. This may include having a small bedside shelf for bedtime essentials 6(
  • Bed size: Consider the size of your bed and its position in the room when designing and selecting cabinets. Make sure to allow enough space for walking around the bed, changing linens, and other daily activities.

By following these guidelines, we can successfully incorporate cabinets into a bedroom layout, making it functional, stylish, and comfortable.








Top Brands

Arason Enterprises

At Arason Enterprises, we focus on creating innovative designs for space-saving furniture. Our signature Murphy beds and cabinet beds offer convenience, style, and practicality for any small space. Here are some of our top selections:

  • Creden-ZzZ Cabinet Bed: This space-saving bed folds into a sleek credenza-like cabinet when not in use, making it perfect for small apartments or guest rooms.
  • Fu Chest: For those who need even more space-saving solutions, our Fu Chest is a compact piece of furniture that transforms from a stylish storage chest to a comfortable twin-sized bed.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship to ensure the durability and longevity of our products.

Night and Day Furniture

Night and Day Furniture is known for providing versatile and stylish home furnishings, with a particular emphasis on Murphy beds and their unique Cabinet Bed collection. Here are some noteworthy options from our range:

  • Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed: This compact cabinet bed boasts a cube design that saves valuable floor space and easily transforms into a comfortable sleeping surface. Available in a variety of finishes, it's an excellent option for smaller living spaces.
  • Poppy Murphy Cabinet Bed: The Poppy model features a modern design with a flip-up desk built into the front panel, making it an ideal option for those who need a workstation or home office setup.

Our Night and Day Furniture products are constructed using eco-friendly hardwoods and top-quality hardware, ensuring both a beautiful finish and lasting durability for our customers.

Each brand offers unique and stylish solutions to accommodate various room sizes and tastes, ensuring that we can cater to every individual's needs when it comes to choosing the perfect bed surround with cabinets.


In conclusion, incorporating cabinets around a bed can both enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a bedroom. By surrounding the bed with built-in storage, we can maximize space and create a more organized environment. When designing such a layout, it is essential to consider various factors and select the right elements to complement the bedroom.

One key aspect in creating an effective bed surround is to ensure that the bed stands out from the cabinetry. This can be achieved by using a bold color or a different material for the bed, as mentioned by CONTEMPORIST. This will not only help set the bed apart from the storage but also adds color and texture to the room.

To further enhance the design, consider incorporating additional features like mirrors, bookshelves, or even wall sockets. For instance, a Psyche mirror can help save space while providing a functionality of a mirror and a bookcase, with integrated coat hooks for added convenience.

As for the installation of cabinets surrounding a bed, it is important to ensure they are sturdy and soundly constructed. Simplicity in the South suggests using stock kitchen cabinets and framing them with 2 x 3s for support. This adds stability, while allowing for seamless integration with the bed.

To sum up, cabinets surrounding the bed provide an opportunity to create an efficient and visually appealing bedroom layout. By choosing the right design elements and carefully planning the installation process, we can create a comfortable and well-organized space to unwind at the end of the day.