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Murphy Bed Cabinet Full Size

Have you ever thought about how to maximize space in your home? If so, a murphy bed cabinet may be the perfect comfortable sleeping solution. These innovative beds fold up into a stylish cabinet when not in use. The excellent choice for small apartments, guest rooms, or home offices.

Full size murphy bed cabinets offer the advantage of saving crucial floor space while providing the comfort of a traditional bed. They're versatile, practical, and available in various styles to suit any room décor. A popular choice for those looking to create a functional, adaptable living space.

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Key Takeaways

  • Full-size murphy bed cabinets offer a space-saving solution without compromising on comfort
  • Versatility and style options make them suitable for various room decors and purposes
  • Comparing features and designs can help you choose the right murphy bed cabinet for your space

Key Features of a Murphy Bed Cabinet Full Size

Size and Dimensions

A full-size murphy bed cabinet has similar dimensions to a standard full-size bed when in use. The mattress usually measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. When stored upright, the cabinet is approximately 82 to 92 inches high, 18 inches deep, and 58 inches wide source. The compact design of a murphy bed full size allows you to save valuable floor space in a home office, guest room, or small apartment.

Design and Aesthetics

Murphy beds come in various styles and designs, allowing you to blend them with your existing décor. Many modern murphy beds look like a bookshelf or cabinet when stored upright, hiding the bed mechanism behind closed doors source. You can find murphy bed cabinets in a range of colors, finishes, and materials to match your interior design preferences. Built-in shelving or lighting can enhance the user experience and aesthetics.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Murphy bed cabinets are designed to be convenient and user-friendly. The modern mechanism in murphy beds uses reliable and safe technologies. Such as safety locks and mattress ties, to keep the bed in place when in use source. The process of folding and unfolding the bed is also simple, with most models featuring an effortless pull-down mechanism. Murphy bed cabinets maximize the functionality of your living space. Allowing you to transform a room into a comfortable sleeping area when needed.

Advantages of Full-Size Murphy Bed Cabinets

Space Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of full-size murphy bed cabinets is their space efficiency. It can be folded away into a cabinet when not in use. Allowing for more space in tight living quarters such as small apartments or multi-functional rooms. This gives you the ability to maximize your square footage. Providing comfortable sleeping accommodations for guests or yourself.

Dual Functionality

Another advantage of full-size murphy bed cabinets is their dual functionality. Many models offer integrated storage solutions, such as shelves and drawers, within the cabinet when the bed is folded away. This provides an excellent space for storing items like clothing, books, or decorative pieces. When the bed is in use, it serves as a comfortable sleeping area, while the storage solutions remain functional and accessible. This combination of features makes these beds even more valuable in areas where space is at a premium.

Aesthetics and Design Options

Full-size murphy bed cabinets come in various styles and designs. Making them a versatile option for many different interior design tastes. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more traditional style, there is a murphy bed cabinet to suit your preferences. Many models can be customized with different colors, wood finishes, or even built-in shelving and lighting. This flexibility allows you to find a murphy bed that not only suits your spatial needs but also enhances the aesthetics of your living space.

Choosing the Right Full-Size Murphy Bed Cabinet

It's essential to consider several factors that will ensure it fits into your living space. We will guide you through the key aspects to analyze. This includes room dimensions, mattress options, and customization features.

Room Dimensions and Layout

The first step in choosing the right full-size murphy bed cabinet is to measure your room's dimensions and consider its layout. Vertical murphy beds are suitable for rooms with high ceilings. Horizontal murphy beds work well in spaces with lower ceilings1. Be sure to also check door and window placements to determine the ideal location for your murphy bed.

Mattress Options

Although murphy beds come in various sizes, it's essential to consider the mattress type you prefer. Some murphy bed cabinets are designed to work only with specific mattress types. Others allow for greater flexibility. Investigate the cabinet's mattress compatibility before deciding. This is to ensure it will accommodate your preferred mattress.

Customization Features

Full-size murphy bed cabinets are available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and added features. Consider aspects like crown molding, shelving, and integrated storage solutions. Think about the cabinet's construction materials and lifting mechanisms. These will impact the bed's quality and usability.

Consider room dimensions, mattress options, and customization features. Find the perfect full-size murphy bed cabinet for your living space. By evaluating these aspects, you can select a bed that is both functional and stylish, optimizing your space.

Comparing Full-Size Murphy Beds vs. Traditional Beds

Space Utilization

One of the major differences between full-size murphy beds and traditional beds lies in space use. It can be folded up and stored away against the wall or inside a cabinet when not in use, making it an ideal choice for small or multi-purpose spaces. Traditional beds occupy a fixed amount of floor space, regardless of whether they are being used or not.

To give you a better idea:

Murphy Bed

  • Fold-up: Minimal floor space used
  • Fold down: Full-size bed takes up floor space

Traditional Bed

  • Always takes up the same amount of floor space

Comfort and Durability

When it comes to comfort and durability, modern murphy beds have come a long way. Most full-size murphy beds now come with high-quality mattresses and sturdy frames. Providing comparable comfort and durability to traditional beds. It's essential to note that the mattress thickness may be limited in a murphy bed since it needs to be folded inside the cabinet.

Murphy Bed

  • Limited mattress thickness
  • Sturdy frame and good support

Traditional Bed

  • Variety of mattress thickness options
  • Sturdy frame and good support

Cost Considerations

Murphy beds can be more expensive than traditional beds. This is due to their space-saving capabilities and the technology required to make them. The cost of a murphy bed will vary depending on the size, material, and features you choose. Traditional beds are usually less expensive than murphy beds, making them more budget-friendly. That being said, it's essential to weigh the benefits of space use against the initial cost when making your decision.

Murphy Bed

  • Generally more expensive
  • Cost varies depending on size, material, and features

Traditional Bed

  • Generally less expensive
  • Wide range of price points depending on size, material, and features

Designing Your Space Around a Full-Size Murphy Bed Cabinet

A full-size murphy bed cabinet can make a world of difference in a small space. Optimizing limited space without sacrificing the comfort and functionality of your living area. In this section, we'll provide some ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your space with a murphy bed cabinet.

Furniture Arrangement

It's essential to consider how the room layout will change when the bed is both open and closed. To create a comfortable sleeping environment, ensure that there is enough clearance around the bed for easy access.

One option to consider is placing the murphy bed cabinet along the largest unobstructed wall in the room. This will provide ample space to extend the bed and avoid rearrangement of other furniture items. For a seamless transition between daytime and nighttime use, try incorporating multifunctional furniture. Such as a sofa bed or convertible desk, allowing the room to serve many purposes while maximizing available floor space.

Decorative Elements

The visual and aesthetic appeal of your space is as important as the layout. To create harmony and cohesion, opt for a murphy bed cabinet that complements your existing color scheme and design style. If you have a modern aesthetic, you might choose a sleek, minimalist cabinet. A rustic or farmhouse style would pair well with a shabby-chic or distressed wood cabinet.

Choose artwork or decorative items to display around the murphy bed. Select pieces that will blend with the room's aesthetics when the bed is either open or closed. For example, if your bed has a fold-down desk, consider adorning the wall behind it with a coordinating piece of art or a decorative mirror.

Maximizing Storage

A full-size murphy bed cabinet offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate more storage into your space. Consider choosing a cabinet with built-in shelving, drawers, or cabinets. This is ideal for storing bedding, clothes, and other belongings.

Further enhance storage capabilities. Seek out nearby areas that could enjoy handy and accessible storage solutions. Add floating shelves, wall-mounted storage boxes, or a built-in bookcase. Ensuring that even the surrounding areas are put to good use. With thoughtful planning and the right decor, you can create a true balance between function and style, making it an ideal addition to any space.

Full-size Murphy Beds in Commercial Spaces

The need for space optimization continues to grow. Full-size murphy bed cabinets are finding their way into various commercial environments. We'll explore three common applications.

Hotel Room Applications

In hotel rooms, space is a valuable commodity. It can help hoteliers maximize their space without sacrificing guest comfort. Having a murphy bed in a hotel room allows for more versatile room layouts, offering more seating or workspace when the bed is not in use. These beds can provide guests with a more spacious, comfortable stay. Making it easier for housekeeping staff to clean and maintain the rooms.

Office and Co-Working Environments

Offices and co-working spaces are looking for ways to maximize their available space. Full-size murphy bed cabinets offer a unique solution. Integrating a murphy bed into an office or co-working environment. Businesses can create convertible spaces that serve many purposes. During the day, the space can be used as a conference room or individual workspace. At night, the bed can be pulled down for employees who need to work late or take a power nap. This flexibility can help businesses save on rent and boost employee productivity. It will create a more comfortable work environment.

Vacation Rentals and Airbnb

Vacation rental properties and Airbnb hosts strive to offer comfort and space to their guests. Full-size murphy bed cabinets are a perfect addition to these properties. Hosts can offer comfortable sleeping arrangements without taking up valuable floor space. When the bed is tucked away, guests can enjoy a more spacious living area. These beds can help hosts accommodate more guests in smaller spaces, increasing their rental income.

Excellent solution for various commercial spaces. Such as hotel rooms, offices, co-working environments, and vacation rentals. Their space-saving and versatile design benefits both businesses and guests. Creating a win-win situation for all involved parties.

Full-size Murphy Bed Cabinet Accessories

A full-size murphy bed cabinet is a lifesaver in small spaces where every inch counts. To further enhance your Murphy bed experience, we've curated a list of accessories that complement it. Let's dive into the top accessories for your full-size murphy bed cabinet.

Bedding and Linens

Finding the right bedding and linens for your murphy bed is essential. Not only do they ensure a comfortable sleep, but they also add an aesthetic touch to your space. Here are some tips when selecting bedding and linens:

  • Look for fitted sheets that will stay in place when the bed is folded up.
  • Choose a lightweight, breathable material like cotton for added comfort.
  • Opt for low-profile pillows and cushions that fit within the cabinet when it's closed.
  • Pick a duvet or blanket that complements the design of your cabinet and adds a touch of personal style.

Lighting Solutions

Integrated lighting plays a significant role. Enhancing the functionality and ambiance of your murphy bed. There are several options for adding lights to fit your needs:

  • LED strip lighting: Install these under the cabinet or along the sides. Create a cozy atmosphere and provide ample light for reading or working.
  • Wall-mounted reading lamps: Position these on either side of the bed for focused light while reading or working in bed.
  • Bedside table lamps: Choose a compact table lamp to place on a nearby shelf or nightstand to provide soft, ambient lighting.

Don't forget to consider energy-efficient options. Such as LED bulbs or motion-sensor-activated lights for added convenience and energy savings.

Additional Storage Options

A full-size murphy bed cabinet can already save you space, but adding more storage solutions can help you use every nook and cranny. Here are some ideas for incorporating extra storage:

  • Floating shelves: Install shelves above or beside the bed. Display personal items, store books, and place small electronics.
  • Built-in cabinets: If your murphy bed cabinet has extra space on the sides or above, consider adding built-in cabinets for more storage.
  • Storage ottomans: A storage ottoman placed at the foot of the bed can double as a seat and provide space for linens, blankets, or other essentials.
  • Bedside caddies: These handy organizers can be attached to the sides of the bed frame. Providing easy access to your phone, remote controls, or reading materials.

Incorporating these accessories will enhance functionality. It will also elevate the look of your space. Enjoy the convenience and style of a well-equipped murphy bed and make the most of your limited square footage.

Buyer's Guide for a Full-Size Murphy Bed Cabinet

As you search for a full-size murphy bed cabinet, you might feel overwhelmed by the variety of options available. We've created this buyer's guide that covers essential factors to consider.

What to Look for When Buying

Quality materials: Ensure that the bed is made from high-quality materials. Such as solid wood or durable metal, to guarantee longevity and good support for the mattress.

  • Smooth and reliable mechanism: The bed's folding and unfolding mechanism should be easy to use, safe, and reliable. Test the mechanism before purchasing if possible, or look for reviews that address this aspect.
  • Compatibility with your mattress: Confirm the thickness and dimensions of your full-size mattress. Some designs may need specific mattresses or have a thickness they can accommodate.
  • Customization options: Have specific design preferences or need a murphy bed that matches your existing décor? Look for options with customizable finishes, colors, and extra features.
  • Space requirements: Measure your room to ensure that the cabinet will fit against the wall and that there's enough space for the bed to be extended. Take note of both the vertical and horizontal measurements.

Price Considerations

  • Budget: Establish a reasonable budget. Keep in mind that murphy bed cabinets can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Depending on the materials, features, and design.
  • Assembly and installation: Consider whether you're comfortable assembling and installing the bed yourself. Or if you'll need to hire a professional, which may add to the cost.
  • Warranty and customer support: Look for companies that offer a warranty on their products. They should also have a responsive customer support team. This can save you money in the long run if an issue arises with your bed.

In conclusion, selecting a full-size murphy bed cabinet can be a straightforward process if you know what to look for and set a budget. Remember to focus on quality, functionality, and compatibility with your mattress. Along with customization options and space requirements. With these factors in mind, you can choose a murphy bed cabinet that integrates into your space and serves you well for years to come.

Installation and Maintenance


Assembling a full-size murphy bed cabinet doesn't have to be a daunting task. With proper tools and clear instructions, it can be a straightforward process. First, ensure that you have enough space, taking into account the wall clearance and floor space required. The key components to ensure a successful installation are keeping the structure square and plumb. As well as using high-quality hardware to secure the cabinet.

Some common steps in the assembly process include:

  1. Preparing the space for installation by checking the floor level and wall measurements.
  2. Assembling the frame of the cabinet by attaching the sides, top, and bottom panels.
  3. Installing the bed frame and attaching it to the cabinet.
  4. Adding cabinet doors or a front panel for aesthetic purposes.

Care and Maintenance Tips

One of the benefits of owning a murphy bed is its space-saving nature, so maintaining your bed in good condition is essential. Here are some tips for the maintenance and care of your murphy bed cabinet:

  • Inspect the hardware: Check the screws, bolts, and other hardware components. Tightened and secure as they can loosen over time, especially with frequent use.
  • Lubricate moving parts: Applying a silicone-based lubricant to the moving parts. Such as the pivot points and sliding mechanisms, helps ensure smooth operation and reduce wear and tear.
  • Clean the bed and cabinet surfaces: Clean the frame and cabinet with a soft, damp cloth and mild cleaning solution. Avoid abrasive cleaners since they can damage the finish and weaken the wood.
  • Care for the mattress: Use a mattress cover to protect the mattress from moisture, allergens, and spills. Flip and rotate the mattress to maintain its longevity and ensure even wear.

Follow the assembly process and proper care and maintenance guidelines. You'll be able to enjoy the convenience and space-saving benefits of your full-sized murphy bed cabinet for years to come.

Top-Rated Brands

Two well-known and highly-rated brands stand out in the market: Arason and Night and Day Furniture. In this section, we will discuss each company's offerings to help you find the best murphy bed cabinet for your needs.


Arason is a renowned brand in the murphy bed industry, known for its stylish and functional designs. They offer several models of murphy bed cabinets in full size, each designed to save space without sacrificing comfort or style.

We appreciate that Arason's products are made from high-quality materials. Ensuring durability and a comfortable sleep experience. Their innovative designs allow for easy assembly. Making them a top choice for those seeking a practical solution to optimize space in their homes.

Night and Day Furniture

Specializing in space-saving furniture, Night and Day Furniture. Offers several attractive and functional full-size murphy bed cabinets.

Night and Day Furniture prides itself on using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in its products. Such as sustainably sourced hardwoods and low-VOC finishes. Their products come with clear instructions for easy assembly. Making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize space and style in their home.

By considering these top-rated brands, we are confident that you will find a murphy bed cabinet that will transform your space. Providing comfort and versatility without compromising on style.


Full-size murphy bed cabinets are an excellent choice for those looking to maximize space in their homes. This is without sacrificing comfort. These beds fold up into a compact cabinet, providing both a convenient sleeping solution and more storage. With a range of sizes and styles available, there is a perfect option for every household.

Investing in a full-size murphy bed is not only practical but also beneficial in maintaining a clean and organized living space. These beds are designed to take up minimal space. Homeowners can ensure a clutter-free environment.

Choosing the right murphy bed cabinet can seem overwhelming with so many options on the market. Considering factors like mattress size, cabinet dimensions, and style preferences. Finding the perfect fit becomes much easier. A full-size murphy bed cabinet is a smart investment as it offers an ideal balance between functionality and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a full-size Murphy bed cabinet?

The dimensions of a full-size murphy bed cabinet can vary, but most cabinets have a height that is about half an inch to an inch below the top of the bed. The width ranges between 18 and 30 inches, while the depth usually reflects the bed size source.

How much wall space is required for a full-size Murphy bed installation?

The amount of wall space required for a full-size murphy bed installation depends on the specific bed model. As well as any extra features, such as built-in shelving or desks. Generally, a full-size murphy bed requires a width of around 56 to 60 inches and a height of 80 to 88 inches when unfolded.

Can you find full-size Murphy beds with built-in desks?

Yes, full-size murphy beds with built-in desks are available on the market. The multifunctional bed-desk combos. Perfect for those looking to save space while maintaining a comfortable workspace. When the bed is folded up, the desk remains functional, allowing for a seamless transition between work and rest.

Are there any full-size Murphy bed options at IKEA?

While IKEA does not currently offer full-size murphy beds. Some other retailers and manufacturers provide a range of murphy bed options. Including full-size models.

How comfortable are full-size Murphy cabinet beds for sleeping?

Full-size murphy cabinet beds are designed to be comfortable for sleeping. They usually feature a standard full-sized mattress. The comfort level is comparable to that of a traditional bed. It's essential to choose a good-quality mattress. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on weight and thickness. This is to ensure the best possible sleeping experience.

What is the average cost of a full-size Murphy bed cabinet?

The average cost of a full-size murphy bed cabinet can vary depending on the materials, design, and added features. Prices can range from around $1,000 to over $3,000. Consider factors such as durability, ease of use, and space-saving functionality to determine the best value for your needs.