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Folding Bed In A Cabinet

Have you ever struggled with finding space for guests to sleep in your home? Do you live in a small apartment? Do you need a space-saving solution for your sleeping arrangements? Folding beds in cabinets, also known as murphy beds or wall beds, is the answer to your problems. They allow you to maximize your available space by hiding a bed within a cabinet or a closet. It can easily be folded out when needed.

Urban living spaces continue to shrink. The need for innovative and flexible furniture designs increases. Folding beds in cabinets have evolved to meet this demand. Various designs, styles, and materials are available to suit different tastes and needs. Not only do they save space, but they can also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Providing a comfortable sleeping solution. Multifunctional murphy beds with integrated storage and desks. Stylish cabinets that blend seamlessly with your existing decor. The options are seemingly endless.

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Key Takeaways

  • Space-saving and versatile solution for modern living spaces.
  • Numerous designs, styles, and materials cater to different tastes and needs.
  • Proper research, maintenance, and care will ensure you find and maintain the perfect bedroom furniture for your home.

Benefits of a Folding Bed in a Cabinet

Space Saving Solutions

One of the main benefits is that they are excellent space-saving solutions for small apartments or multi-functional rooms. These beds can be folded up neatly and compactly when they are not in use. Freeing up essential floor space for other purposes. This innovative design is perfect for those with limited living areas. Also, for those who want to maximize their space usage.

Aesthetic and Design Flexibility

Cabinet beds offer a wide range of aesthetic and design flexibility. Allowing you to personalize your room according to your taste and style. Various options are available like modern, traditional, or minimalist designs. You can find a cabinet bed that fits your preferred theme and complements your other furniture pieces.

Moreover, cabinet beds can also provide storage solutions through built-in shelves or drawers. Contributing to a clutter-free and organized environment.

Comfort and Convenience

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Not only are they space-efficient. They also make sleeping arrangements easy for guests or family members who need a temporary bed. High-quality cabinet beds are constructed with comfortable mattresses and durable materials. Ensuring a good night's sleep.

Versatility in Use

Perhaps the most appealing aspect is their versatility in use. It can seamlessly transition from a storage cabinet to a fully functional bed. These versatile furniture pieces can adapt to different situations and purposes. Whether you need an extra bed for visitors or a space-saving solution for small apartments. Also for a multifunctional room, it offers the perfect solution.

It provides space-saving solutions, aesthetic and design flexibility, comfort and convenience, and versatility in use. Invest in one of these innovative furniture pieces. You can make the most out of your living space and cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Types of Folding Beds in Cabinets

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are a classic type of folding bed. They are designed to be stored vertically, and hidden in a wall cabinet when not in use. This design allows for optimal use of floor space in a room. Some modern designs offer additional features, such as built-in shelving and desks.

Key features:

  • Stored vertically in a wall cabinet
  • Can have integrated shelving or desks
  • Optimal space-saving design

Cabinet Beds

Cabinet beds, as the name suggests, are folding beds stored inside a cabinet. They are stored horizontally. These beds usually have a mattress that folds into three sections for easy storage. When it's time to sleep, the cabinet doors are opened. The folded mattress is pulled out and unfolded.

Key features:

  • Stored horizontally in a cabinet
  • The mattress folds into three sections
  • Easy to pull out and unfold

Convertible Beds

Convertible beds are versatile solutions that combine the functionality of a bed with other furniture pieces. Such as sofas, loveseats, or ottomans. The most common type of convertible bed is a sofa bed. It can transform from a seating area into a sleeping surface when needed. These beds usually have a folding mechanism. Allows the mattress to be hidden within the furniture piece when not in use.

Some examples:

  • Sofa Beds
  • Convertible Ottomans
  • Fold-out Loveseats

Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Studio Apartments

In a studio apartment, space is at a premium. It is essential to make the most of every square foot. A space-saving murphy bed allows us to free up valuable floor space during the day. Quickly convert the area into a comfortable sleeping space at night. Consider incorporating it that folds up seamlessly into a stylish cabinet to maintain a clean and visually appealing aesthetic. To further optimize space, use multi-functional furniture like ottomans or coffee tables with storage capacities.

Tiny Houses

Tiny house living demands creative solutions to make every inch count. When it comes to maximizing your sleeping area, folding beds in cabinets reign supreme. A custom-made cabinet with built-in storage can house a bed that folds out horizontally or vertically. Depending on your space constraints. Combine this with fold-out desks and wall-mounted shelves to maximize storage and workspace. Creating an efficient and cozy living environment.

Home Office Transformations

With the increase in remote work, many of us want to transform a part of our homes into an office space. However, not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated room for this purpose. A folding bed in a cabinet can be an invaluable asset when dual-purposing a room. During the day, keep the bed stored away, opening up space for a desk and office equipment. In the evening, fold down the bed for a restful night's sleep.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Room Size and Space

It is important to take into account the size of your room. We want to ensure that there is ample space for the bed when it is folded out and in use. As well as when it is stored away. Measure the room dimensions and visualize the bed placement to make sure it will fit comfortably. Consider any other furniture that may need to be moved or adjusted to accommodate the bed.

Mattress Preferences

Another important aspect is the type of mattress that comes with the folding bed or if you'll need to purchase one separately. There are various options available, such as memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid. Consider your preferences for comfort and support and any existing conditions or sleeping patterns. For instance, memory foam mattresses can provide excellent pressure relief. Innerspring options offer more bounce and support.

Budget Constraints

As with any purchase, budget is an essential factor. They come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to more luxurious, custom-made pieces. Examine your financial limitations. Determine a comfortable budget before exploring the market. Remember, quality and comfort should be your top priorities. Try to strike a balance between affordability and meeting your needs.

Durability and Quality

It is crucial to consider its durability and the quality of materials used in its construction. Examine the bed frame, cabinet, and mattress materials to ensure they can withstand regular use. Especially if you plan on using them frequently. Look for reviews and recommendations to guide your purchase decision.

Installation Requirements

Lastly, consider the installation requirements. Some options may require professional assembly. Others may come pre-assembled or with easy-to-follow instructions. Assess your level of handiness and willingness to put in the effort to install the bed properly. Check if your residence has any specific restrictions or requirements. Make sure the folding bed meets those requirements to avoid any complications.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to ensure a comfortable sleep experience and maximize its lifespan. Here are some tips to help you maintain and care:

Cleaning the Mattress: Vacuum the mattress regularly using the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and allergens. Clean stains using a damp cloth and mild cleanser. Avoid damage and mold growth. Make sure you only use a small amount of water. Allow the mattress to dry completely before folding it back into the cabinet. You can also use a mattress protector to minimize wear and spills.

Inspection: Periodically inspect the folding mechanism, hinges, and support structures. Ensure they are functioning correctly and are in good condition. Make sure to lubricate the hinges and joints as needed to maintain smooth operation.

Cabinet Care: Dust the cabinet regularly to keep it looking fresh and clean. Use a soft, damp cloth for light cleaning and a mild cleanser for deeper cleaning, if needed. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or sponges, as they can damage the cabinet's finish.

Protecting the Folding Bed: Keep the area around the folding bed clear of obstacles. Such as furniture and other items, to prevent accidents while opening and closing the bed. To ensure adequate ventilation, maintain a small gap between the bed and any adjacent walls.

Balancing Use: Try to balance the weight distribution on the bed by rotating sleeping positions and occasionally adjusting the mattress position.

Top-Rated Brands


Arason is a well-known brand in the world of cabinet beds. They offer a wide range of high-quality, space-saving furniture solutions. Some of their popular products include:

  • Arason Essex Cabinet Bed: This elegantly designed cabinet bed is made of solid hardwood and features a stunning espresso finish. It comes with a gel-infused memory foam mattress, giving you a comfortable night's sleep.
  • Arason Brussels Cabinet Bed: This model features a sleek design with a beautiful white finish. Its bi-fold premium memory foam mattress ensures a comfortable sleep for your guests.

Some of the standout features of Arason cabinet beds include their solid construction, easy assembly, and attractive designs. Moreover, they come with a comfortable mattress, making them perfect for hosting overnight guests.

Night and Day Furniture

Night and Day Furniture is another top-rated brand. It offers a variety of high-quality folding beds in cabinets. Their products are known for their durability, functionality, and beautiful designs. Some top picks include:

  • Night and Day Poppy Cabinet Bed: This stylish cabinet bed comes in various finishes such as Brushed Driftwood and White Bark. It is made of solid hardwood and features a tri-fold memory foam mattress for a comfortable sleep.
  • Night and Day Daisy Cabinet Bed: The Daisy model has a unique design featuring a beautiful flower pattern. This cabinet bed is also made of solid hardwood and includes a memory foam mattress.

Night and Day Furniture cabinet beds are known for their durability and ease of assembly. These folding beds come with a comfortable mattress. Available in a variety of finishes to complement different interior styles.


These beds are a space-saving solution that can be an excellent option for small apartments and homes with limited floor space. They allow us to maximize the usability of our available space by providing a comfortable sleeping area that can be easily stored when not in use.

We learned that the idea for this type of furniture was innovated by Sarah E. Goode. Her creative mind led to the development of multi-functional furniture. It progressed further with inventions like William L. Murphy's murphy bed.

Here's a brief recap of the key benefits of fold-away beds in cabinets:

Space-saving: They provide an efficient way to utilize limited spaces. Beds can be folded into a compact cabinet when not in use.

Practical: These beds are ideal for urban dwellers and homeowners who want to maximize their available floor space.

Easy to install: With the right tools and safety precautions, installing a fold-away bed in a cabinet can be relatively simple.

Folding a bed in a cabinet is an innovative and practical solution for those looking to maximize their living space. Consider the information and benefits outlined. We can make informed decisions about whether it might be the right solution for our own homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What alternative names are used for a bed that folds into a cabinet?

Several alternative names for beds fold into a cabinet. The most common name is a murphy bed, named after its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy. Other names for this type of bed include wall bed, fold-away bed, or cabinet bed.

How does the comfort level of murphy beds compare to traditional beds?

When it comes to comfort, there isn't a substantial difference between murphy beds and traditional beds. High-quality murphy bed mattresses are designed to provide the same level of comfort as conventional beds. The comfort level largely depends on the mattress used with the bed. One can find comfortable options for both murphy beds and traditional beds.

Can cabinet beds accommodate a queen-size mattress?

Yes, cabinet beds can accommodate various mattress sizes, including queen size. While twin and full sizes are also common. Murphy bed cabinets can be customized to fit queen or even king-size mattresses. Depending on the available space. Ensure that you measure the wall space and room dimensions before planning and building.

What is typically included with a murphy bed cabinet purchase?

A murphy bed cabinet purchase typically includes the cabinet, a wall bed mechanism, and sometimes a mattress. However, the contents can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Some models may include additional features such as shelving, drawers, or a fold-out desk. Always check with the seller or manufacturer to determine what is included in your purchase.